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I’ve asked thousands if they will be one of the millionaires made by the recession. So if a certain keyword has a CPC of $3 and someone clicks on that ad, it will charge that advertiser $3. These text ads pop up in the lower part of the screen during the video and can also show up as a square banner on the right side of your channel.

There is an entirely separate and optional portion of the app called Daily Lineup that is a draftkings/fanduel type game with selected players from the match ups you had picked the winner of. However this optional game is played by wagering real money so I won’t go into detail about it here.

So, if you have the desire to get paid to write, make that step to fill out the writer’s application form that is available on this company’s website, and you will be given a few tests that will give you an opportunity to prove your prowess in grammar, and your ability to research, write and cite an academic paper.

As a website auditor, you can easily earn quick money when you audit a website and improve on it’s a website or sales letter is not generating sales, this is a BIG headache for the site owner, they want to solve that problem and the only person suitable is the website auditor.

P.S. – The bottom line is simple… there are three things you need to make money online… a kick asse offer to promote, a website that converts people into buyers, and tons of free traffic…. and Google Cash Monster gives you the technology and the super simple video training to get these three things done for you.

For me sitting in my home office is ok as i work the hours that i want but when i look out side and see its a nice sunny day, as it is here in Spain most days, I just have to get out and so i go for a ride on my new motor bike along the beach road and find a quiet caffee and sit and work online from my phone for about an hour then back out on my motor bike.

You simply make an ad in your adwords account then use your affiliate link in the target page URL of the ad. Obviously, you will have to continuously measure the conversions and see if the campaign cost is less than the campaign profit in order to keep the campaign running but I am sure you get the idea.

Write an attractive gig description clearly outlining what you’ll do for 5 bucks e.g. translate 200 words from French to English; add extras e.g. translated 300 words more for $5; deliver the order in just one day etc; add a payment method – Paypal or Payoneer and start promoting your gig and earning money!

Hence, if you have the skills, knowledge, and talent, to be able to create your very own unique digital product, you can fairly simple, make your own Clickbank product addition, having everyday affiliates, from all over the world advertising your own Clickbank digital product, thus allowing all the advertising work essentially become highly automated.

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