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Looking for educational opportunities close to home? Offered through eCampus, the University of Nebraska Kearney’s online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree completion program provides students with a solid business foundation and an understanding of how those areas affect an organization’s performance.

Ryan:What I think is really cool about the online businesses that I have found very much unique compared to the traditional main street up and down middle market is that a lot of them are built to sell or they’ve got the intentions in mind and they’re doing things a little bit differently because of the education companies and people like you are doing around that, versus the main street where this is a lot of people that they just don’t know.

Our online bachelor’s degree in business management and certificate programs provide you with the wealth of knowledge and subject matter expertise necessary to succeed in fast-growing careers in human resources, administrative services, operations, sales and business analysis.

The college grants Associate’s degrees (A.A., A.S., A.A.S., A.F.A.), as well as Certificates of Proficiency (for completing a specified one-year course of study) and Certificates of Specialization (for completing a specified six-month course of study).

Be it a small café or a hospitality group, early stage tech start-up or a large software company, a dental clinic or a chain of diagnostic centers, a small coaching classes or a large school group- we assist sellers in the entire process right from estimating the value of the business, finding buyers with or without disclosing their identity.

We integrated a number of action-learning strategies into our online business courses to ensure that you simply don’t miss out on the human touch”: Personalized and interactive experiences, dynamic videos, individual coaching and a learning buddy” system.

Second, start using general rating services such as the reviews submitted by actual students at Guide to Online Schools Take these with a grain of salt, of course, since the students most likely to write a review are often those with particularly strong feelings.

If it takes John 60 days in average to get from the idea stage to the launch stage and Andy a year to do the same, then in 10 years John will have launched 60 ventures whereas Andy has launched 10. Now, if 10% of their ventures actually succeed (probably a fairly accurate figure in the online business scene), John will have 6 revenue-generating businesses by the end of the decade and Andy will have 1.

Excellent option for bloggers and people looking to grow their business because of the fantastic features and the flexibility of the platform — you can customize it so many ways and even turn your site into a solid e-commerce destination with plugins such as WooCommerce.

Important Note for Students: If you are considering an online academic program that leads to a professional license, it is highly recommended you contact the appropriate licensing agency where you plan to receive instruction before beginning your academic program.

Graduates with a UF B.S. or B.A. in business administration are qualified for a variety of rewarding careers in just about any industry that needs the skill sets and perceptive nature of business leaders and thinkers — those who invest in their potential.

The college also boasts one of the country’s most liberal credit-transfer policies, accepting course credits from any regionally accredited institution and encouraging students to seek credit for previous skills gained through relevant work or military service.

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