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I recently gave a session on WP Camp Germany in Berlin on how to optimize your income from ads on your website. If you live in a busy or congested area and have parking to spare, you might be able to rent out your parking space for some quick cash when you’re not using it. Simply advertise your open parking space online including details on the location, whether it’s covered or uncovered, and your desired hourly, weekly, or monthly fee.

Jonny: It’s really through the best seller list and showing up on different kinds of like popular list and stuff like that because that’s- Amazon is all about making money, and so if your book is selling they’re absolutely going to do whatever they can really to help you sell more.

HOW TO USE YOUR PREMIUM RATE SERVICE TO MAKE MONEY FOR YOUR CHARITYProviding premium rate numbers is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to raise funds for your charity – learn how to set up a service that will raise funds for your charity.

Etsy is a huge online marketplace for handmade & vintage things & it’s a fantastic & fun way to make money for anybody into arts & crafts.. If you take a few minutes to browse through other sellers profile’s & read their feedback count you can see just how much money there is to be made with many sellers boasting over 500 sales.

If there’s a subject that you’re an expert on then you can make money by offering private coaching through services like Clarity Rates vary, but for the average 30 minute session you could typically expect to earn around $50 – you’re in charge of your own rate and you can set it accordingly.

I would recommend using platforms like to get seed money” for your campaigns, but I wouldn’t recommend that you try to make a business out of it. You can earn much more money by utilizing your own writing efforts to build out your own websites and scale your business that way.

The problem with CashCrate” is that the amount of money that u get out of it is VERY slim.. and even to get that VERY slim portion of money you have to complete a lot of surveys and to cash-in on the money you earned u must make over $20, trust me. i tried it, it took me over 6-12 months to get the cash.. i used the site like if my life depended on it. it was very hard.

Bjork: It’s so interesting, but one thing I want to do before we wrap is, make sure that people know where they can find you and I want a point to point out Hilah Cooking obviously, and probably the best place to start with that would be a Google search because you have, you know, blog and Twitter and Instagram, and YouTube obviously.

Well I didn’t complete the 7 days trial after I calculate how I use that 7 days, hence I cancelled it on 3rd email before I get charged for US$49.50. Maybe their system do work and help you makes money based on Google AdSense and ClickBank, I have no comment on that, but the 7 days trial looks more like a scam to me.

Tsu is a new social media site that pays it’s members for simply using the Tsu Platform, so when i said that you were already doing everything that you need to be doing to make money online i was referring to you using and posting content on other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter or any of the other popular social media sites.

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